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You deserve to be healthy and happy. Find the balance you need with Thrive Solutions. With our exclusive sensory deprivation float tank and infrared Medical Sauna, you can take a break from your hectic lifestyle, recover, and indulge in our alternative and natural wellness modalities.

Contrast therapy

Infrared Sauna

Medical Sauna Therapy

Infrared Medical Sauna

Infrared saunas have become popular in homes around the country simply because they have tremendous medical benefit and the ability to promote health and wellness for its users.  For those who don't have a sauna in the home Thrive Solutions can assist.  

 Clear your mind and help promote optimal health with a session in our Medical Sauna. The infrared waves can help improve blood flow, reduce headaches and migraines, heal your muscles, and achieve absolute pain relief for a better night's sleep.

You never know how your body will respond due to the cleansing of toxins as a result of sweating from a sauna session. According to medical experts, detoxification through sweating can offer strong benefits when it comes to stress, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and immune challenges. 

Cold exposure 

Visit the Green room, with our state-of-the-art massage chair, vita lights for seasonal affective disorder in a relaxing environment surrounded by plants, with Bluetooth speakers and free Wi-Fi. Green room can be used for massage therapy or take a relaxing work hour on your laptop. 

Mixing the two

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