Float therapy

 is a new and emerging mental health modality that allows for complete privacy, immersion, and ultimate peace. It is a vehicle for greatly improved brain and body function in a controlled and de-stimulated environment. 

And we are one of few providers in all of Montana. 

Float takes place in a sound and light proof capsule. You may choose to keep it dark or have lights. You can choose to have complete silence or also play music. 11 inches of Epsom salt saturated water is kept at body temperature to simulate a zero gravity environment so you can float effortlessly and comfortably.

The Science behind floating 

In a recent meta-analysis of 27 different scientific studies, scientists found that floatation therapy just once a month can; 

  • Reduce overall cortisol levels 
  • Reduces blood pressure 
  • Increases overall wellbeing 
  • Boost cognitive performance
  • Improve symptoms of fatigue / burn-out 
  • Improve sleep quality.

Floating and the brain

Justin Feinstein, head neurophysicist at Ohio’s Laureate Institute for Brain Research, the leading authority on floating and the brain, discovered that floating quickly decreases activity in the brain’s salience network, which:

• Reduces anxiety

• Reduces negative emotions

• Reduces the perception of pain

• Reduces confusion, and

• Reduces the impact of many serious mental health issues.

The Institute’s latest study on floating also found that:

“Participants reported significant reductions in stress, muscle tension, pain, depression and negative affect, accompanied by a significant improvement in mood characterized by increases in serenity, relaxation, happiness and overall well-being.”

Find Feinstein’s work in full on his website, and watch him speak about his findings at the 2016 Float Conference.

Who can float? 

Float therapy is recommended for everyone.

Students have found increased performance on tests and better focus that they can apply to their studies and everyday activities.

Athletes have seen increases in overall performance as a result of the Epsom salts and deep recovery properties.

Business owners have found float to be effective for balancing their stresses, planning their weeks, solving problems and much more.

Military personnel use float to battle symptoms of PTSD and detoxing from their high stress and high demand career fields. 

Nurses and doctors also use float to de-stress and they recommend it to anyone that is having symptoms of anxiety or depression

There are no limitations to age, body type, or gender. Whether you are trying to escape the stress of everyday life for a bit, recover from activity or detox yourself from stimulation, a float will help you. 

In our tank, you can opt for complete silence and darkness to really explore the inner workings and condition of your mind, or you can opt to have peaceful music and relaxing lighting if you are looker for a more mild meditative experience. 

Want to start feeling better today?